Web Design

We love good design at Carron Media, whether online or offline, so we know just what goes into a well crafted and effective website.

However, we also know that it takes much more that just a pretty design to build a website that works for you or your company. We have refined our design process to be as smooth and efficient as possible from start to finish, delivering a high quality product that simply works.

How we design your new website

1. Planning and strategy

Before committing any pixels to Photoshop, the first step to creating a great website is to sit down and discuss the project brief and map out your user’s experience. Having a solid, well planned strategy at the beginning of any web project ensures that it will continue as smooth as possible.

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2. Design

Through a series of regular meetings, we turn the idea into a set of wire-frames enabling you to visualise the website and make any adjustments before continuing the design process. From the wireframes, our design team will produce a full set of bespoke responsive design mock-ups.

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3. Development

As firm believers of only using technology when necessary, we build our websites using the best and most appropriate tools available, while avoiding additional complexity that has no actual worth. Our code means everything to us and this philosophy enables us to deliver great websites.

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4. Management and hosting

Our job doesn’t stop once a website is launched. We offer a range of post-launch services including market leading managed web hosting, content management system updates and a full range of search engine optimisation packages that ensure your website is seen by potential new customers.

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