Search Engine Optimisation

Every man and his dog wants to be at the top of the search results, but does your website deserve to be up there?

Having great content is undoubtedly the most important factor when optimising your site for search engines. We’d even go as far as calling the whole process User Content Optimisation instead of search engine optimisation. However, we recognise that there are other factors that need to be considered to give your site the best chance in the race to the top of the results pages against your competitors.

Our approach to optimising your website

Content & copywriting

Unique, user-orientated content is vital to achieving the exposure your website needs if you are to see an increase in your conversion rates. Our copywriters are experts in taking your expertise and converting that knowledge into the language your customers understand.

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Full technical website audit

Great content is no use when the means of serving it to your users is less than optimal and the statistics show that the time users spend waiting for a site to load is decreasing all the time. We ensure that your websites performance is thoroughly checked and any technical issues are fixed.

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User tracking and analytics

Understanding how your visitors use your website enables you to optimise their experience. We turn your Google Analytics data into a insightful snapshot that can then be used to tweak the areas of your website that are in need of a little tune up.

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Social & PPC

You can pretty much guarantee these days that your potential new customers are exposed to social media and targeted adverts. A well thought-out social media campaign, along with targeted pay-per-click adverts will give you the best chance of getting your message to the customers that you want.

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